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RCMP conduct high-risk arrest near post office


An intense arrest of an individual on Thursday afternoon near the post office on the corner of Second Street and Fischer Avenue seen police swarm the front of the building and guns drawn but no shots fired.
An RCMP spokesperson stated the incident took place because a person was reported to have shown a firearm to another person. The RCMP was notified of the potential threat and because there was the possibility that a firearm may be involved the police conducted a “high-risk arrest scenario” to take the person into custody.
In a video sent to the Opasquia Times several police vehicles can be seen pulled up in front of the post office and at least four officers run to the south side of the building along Second Street. In a second video shot shortly after three officers can be seen handcuffing one individual who is pinned to the ground before peacefully escorting the man away from the scene.
After the arrest it was discovered there wasn’t a firearm involved, however the individual did have what is believed to be bear mace.
There were no injuries reported in the incident however the individual was arrested and remanded into custody for breach of probation and weapons charges. The name of the accused wasn’t provided as of press time.

Trent Allen