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Fentanyl discovered in Thompson drug bust


A drug bust made in late February has now escalated to a much more serious situation after it was recently announced that some of the drugs seized were laced with fentanyl.
The bust, made on February 22 in Thompson, was sizeable in its’ own right with over 1,400 oxycodone pills being confiscated from a home, as well as an unspecified amount being located during a traffic stop just prior to the search of that home. On Monday, Thompson RCMP announced the oxycodone pills were found to contain fentanyl as well.
As a result, police are now looking for 29-year-old Matthew Delaronde. Delaronde had been arrested and released on a recognizance following the initial bust on February 22nd, however due to the change in circumstance related to the discovery of oxycodone the conditions on that recognizance have been revoked.
“The public needs to be aware that there may be additional pills, in the community and surrounding area, disguised as Oxycodone that may contain fentanyl” said Cpl. Julie Courchaine of the Manitoba RCMP. “These pills could cause serious harm or even death and should not be consumed.”
Fentanyl is believed to be 100 times more powerful than morphine and a lethal dose can be as little as just two milligrams. Simply handling the synthetic opioid could lead to a fatal outcome.
Delaronde is also wanted for a robbery that occurred in Thompson on March 20th as well.
The initial drug bust on February 22nd resulted in three arrests, with Delaronde being charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and failing to comply with conditions. A 48-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man were also arrested though charges against them were not announced.

Trent Allen