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Town council to keep meeting over summer

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  • June 13, 2019
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Town council will not be reducing the number of meetings they have over the summer months.
In recent years the trend has been to reduce from having two days of meetings -one regular council meeting and one committee of the whole meeting- per month down to one during July and August. Discussion on whether or not to follow that trend this summer was held by Town council last month and it was decided meetings would continue as usual with two days of meetings held on the second and fourth Mondays.
This marks just the second time the number of meetings hasn’t been reduced since 2012. In 2016 council continued as scheduled while in 2012 one month was reduced and one month was not.
Prior to 2016 meetings were actually held on four days a month with regular council meetings on Monday evenings and committee of the whole on opposite Wednesdays.
The reason reductions were done in the past is due in part to the fact summer months see a lot of vacation time for staff, management and council members alike, often resulting in delays as a result.
“The difficulties are really only scheduling holidays for Randi (Salamanowicz, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of The Pas) and myself and sometimes managers if there are agenda items they need to be part of. Also in the past getting a quorum of council was sometimes difficult,” noted Jennifer Early, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of The Pas. “There really isn’t much happening in the months of July and August as a lot of things/organizations slow down so there’s not a lot on the agendas. If we were to go down to one meeting a month Council also has the option/ability to call a special meeting if something time sensitive comes up.”
Special meetings are not abnormal for council to call either. Most recently, Town council called a special meeting to give second and third reading for the financial plan for 2019 in order to pass the Town’s budget at the end of May.
During discussion on the topic, members of council cited the desire to move forward on projects as a reason to see the number of meetings remain the same.