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Walk of remembrance


August 6 marked one year since the murder of Kendara Ballantyne and the community gathered to remember her and continue to push for justice in her unsolved case.
Community members, friends and family gathered behind University College of the North, where Kendara was found last year by OCN Bear Clan Patrol. Many of those in attendance took a moment to spend time at a memorial sight created at the spot Kendara was found while others waited quietly for the memorial walk to begin.
Just before leaving on the walk, family members spoke of Kendara, her laugh and their continued push for justice to be found in her case.
The walk, which saw more than 60 people silently walk from University College of the North, through downtown The Pas and end at Kinsmen Park by the Saskatchewan River, was quiet, reflecting the stolen voice of Kendara and the many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.
A moment of silence was held at the railine underpass where “Justice for Kendara” has been spray painted in bright purple, a message to remind those passing by that Kendara’s case is still unsolved.
Words of remembrance and encouragement were brought to those in attendance with the common thread that Kendara has lost her voice. That her life was taken unnecssarily and the violence against Indigenous women must come to an end.
Following a bbq, red ribbons were tied on both sides of the Bignell Bridge. The ribbons, generally replaced each fall, were replaced in conjunction with the walk to continue to bring awareness to the many missing and murderd Indigenous women that have not found justice.
There are still unanswered questions about the night Kendara’s life was taken and no arrests have been made to date.
The family urged at the memorial walk and continues to urge anyone with any information, regardless of whether they believe it to be important, to contact the RCMP immediately.