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 Birch syrup process as unique as the product


On a beautiful sunny morning, Johanna and Al McLauchlan welcomed visitors at the Rocky Lake East Shore dock and began the nine kilometer trek across Rocky Lake to their sugar shack.
Before getting to the central focus of the tour, guests were treated to an exploration of Rocky Lake and pristine surroundings that highlight the beauty of the water and all hat nature has to offer.
The journey across the lake is as interesting as the story behind the couples labour of love Rocky Lake Birchworks. The sugar shack on the land across the lake is the culmination of years of experimenting and developing the art of tapping birch sap to create a top-quality product for customers across the globe.
In 2004 the couple began their adventure in birch sap tapping and over the years have developed a full scale production facility hidden in amongst the thousands of birch trees that provide the sap to create their delicious product.
Each year the couple check on and expands the tubing line that they meticulously tap into each birch tree. The maze of blue piping brings the sap from the trees to the main shack for processing.