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Visitors love The Pas and area camping experience


It was the first time the Hiebert family had ventured to northern Manitoba and not knowing what to expect they were thrilled to say the visit was awesome and they can’t wait to come back to the community.
Tim and Nancy Hiebert along with their two children Noah and Madilynn stayed at Camper’s Cove at Clearwater Lake for nine days, enjoying the extreme heat as well as the thunderstorms that mother nature brought over the course of their time here.
The couple live in southern Manitoba and decided to book holidays over the summer throughout the province as COVID put a damper on travelling out of province or country when they were making their summer plans.
“We have traveled around and this has been in the top favorite when it comes to hospitality, scenery and we look forward to returning for Trappers’ Festival,” Tim commented.
During their time here, the family enjoyed the lake, the caves, the Rosie Mayne trails and tours around the community.
“I personally love the nature, the campground, the caves as well. The clear water is definitely a huge hit,” Nancy shared, adding she loved the Rosie Mayne trails and finding the faces. “I can’t wait to go back and find others.”
Visiting the caves for the first time they were surprised at how different and unique they were.
One of the things that was disappointing however, was the amount of garbage at the caves. As a result, Noah asked if they could go back and help clean up as he didn’t like the litter. The family thought the caves were unique and wonderful and were happy to go back exploring more than once.
“I am in absolute awe of the people and the love we received. It was something I didn’t think still existed in Manitoba. A real down to earth genuine love for humanity,” Nancy said.