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Fire Department and FasGas join forces for burn fund


Members of The Pas Fire Department and OCN Fire Department gathered on Thursday, September 2nd to raise funds for the Firefighters Burn Fund. Fundraising was in conjunction with FasGas. The owner of FasGas is a regular contributor to local fundraising events for various community groups located in The Pas/Opaskwayak Cree Nation/R.M. of Kelsey tri-community area.
Firefighters were able to fundraise with their fireman’s boots. FasGas donated fuel cards and additional prizes, which included fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Chief Manych later reported that the event was a huge success, that they were able to fundraise well over their expected target.
To firefighters, there is no greater measure of courage than burn patients struggling to survive devastating injuries. The heroism of burn survivors inspires the men and women of Manitoba’s Fire Service to volunteer their time and effort in raising funds to support exceptional burn care, treatment, rehabilitation and research. The Firefighters Burn Fund was created in March 1978 and is a registered charitable organization, duly incorporated in the Province of Manitoba. Originally organized by Winnipeg firefighters, the Burn Fund now involves and is supported by members of the Fire Service throughout Manitoba. The Firefighters Burn Fund is a volunteer run organization. No salaries are paid to any Board Member or volunteer. The Burn Fund is not a member agency of The United Way, nor does it receive government grants. Therefore, they rely entirely on donations and proceeds from fundraising activities. The Burn Fund supports ongoing educational opportunities for members of the Burn Team (Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists). This includes continuing educational seminars, conferences, developing research skills, etc.