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Volunteers Ten and Sixty gang clean up junction...again


The 10 and 60 Gang headed out again this week and brought out another record haul of garbage from the junction of Highway 10 and 60. While we all love and appreciate their efforts helping to keep our environment clean, why are people still littering? Paulette Aamot stated fast food wrappers and coffee cups, from every fast-food joint in town were well represented. But they do find some random pieces of garbage as well. Diapers are always a pleasant surprise, because you know if you going to help volunteer pick up garbage, you love picking up soiled diapers. This week’s haul also included needles and a half filled IV bag.
Jim Lamontagne always takes the recycle bags to the recycle depot. There were seven bags of recycling this trip, and not only are people littering, they are drinking and driving as well which is evident amongst from the beer cans in the mix. There is also seven bags of garbage and one election campaign sign (Liberals). The 10 and 60 Gang use a tarp to cover the pile until a Highways crew can get there to pick it up so birds can’t tear the bags to shreds. The Highways department supplies the garbage bags. Chris Anderson has been supplying the recycle bags and it was her idea to cover the bags with the tarps so she bought them at her own expense. Each time the 10 and 60 Gang go out Chris notifies the Highways department so they can send a truck to pick it up. Ironically a lot of garbage was picked up next to a sign that read “Respect our earth – Pick up your litter.”